The following computers and boards are used, much loved, cherished but

now redundant machines. These machines will only run RISC OS 5.

These machines are NOT production models and have been carefully

handbuilt, primarily to meet my needs and wants, often with rare and

hard-to-source components.

PandaBoard ES The basis of R-Comp’s ARMiniX and CJEs PandaRO, these Pandaboard ES boards are boxed and come with RISC OS ready to go on SD card. 3 are available. Priced at £89
PlusBerry PiRO A Plusberry Pi enlosure with a Raspberry Pi B+ inside, running RISC OS booting from a Filecore formatted SATA HDD at 256GB (the current filecore limit). Please note, the SATA HDD is attached via a specific SATA adaptor over the USB Bridge, so it is limited to USB speeds, but is great for storage capacity. The PlusBerry PiRO can boot from microSD if preferred. Priced at £99
PandaITX A Pandaboard ES in a mini ITX enclosure with external 5V PSU. This is very similar to the ARMiniX, but without the optical drive, internal USB ports and RTC module. There is no ITX PSU fitted as it utilises an external PSU. Priced at £179
RISC OS Machines


A BeagleBoard xM in a mini ITX enclosure with internal PSU. This is very similar to the ARMini but without the optical drive, and RTC module. CMOS widget fitted. Front card reader not functional. Case scratched on underside. Priced at £139
RISC OS Pandaboard ITX ARMiniX Acorn PlusBerry Pi RISC OS
All items listed on this page will be tested before being sent to the buyer to ensure their functionality, as stated in the description. They are sold “as is” with no warranty implied, but if the item doesn’t work when received, get in touch using the contact page
Case Lid Acorn RiscPC
Baby Panda A Pandabord ES inside a Tigal metal case. Comes complete with RISC OS SD card, ready to just plug in and go! Priced at £109
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras