Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Pi-Llok Ace - glossy, clean, and stylish. With all the ports on one side. The Pi-Llok Ace is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi and our own PiSSD up  mSATA expansion HAT. With clever use of the integrated push- out panels, it can also be used to house a Raspberry Pi with a range of other HATs, or just with a Raspbrry Pi on its own. The Pi-Llok Ace also ensures that all standard ports from the Raspberry Pi can be brought out in a single direction. The Pi-Llok can be connected using standard connectors directly into the Raspberry Pi, but an optional, recommended adaptor kit includes a HDMI angled extension adaptor and microUSB cable that mounts direclty onto the custom push-outs on te Pi-Llok Ace The Pi-Llock Ace isn’t like other acrylic cases and isn’t held together with friction. The decorative metal pillars function to hold the case together so that access to the Pi and any attached HATs is as simple as unscrewing four caps and the lid just slides off. Whilst the lid is engraved with a RISC OS cog design, it can be reversed to expose a plain unengraved cover instead. To prevent overheating, especially when driving the Pi hard, ventilation slivers have been incorporated into the side panels of the case, which also allow activity LEDs from the Pi to be visible from any angle, without affecting the aesthetics of the case. The standard P-Llok Ace is available in glossy acrylic in Panther Black, Raspberry Red, and Acorn Green with engraved cog, but custom colours, even matte ones with custom engraving can be built to order. A unique case for your Raspberry Pi.
Pi-Llok Ace Approximately 125mm square Reversible lid with RISC OS cog on one side Four crafted metal pillars with wheel feet 3mm glossy acrylic as standard A choice of black, red or green Custom push-outs for front micro USB connector PiSSDup and audio cable Space for other cables and connectors Space above the Pi to connect many HATs and RTCs, or allowing access to the GPIO pins.
Pi-Llok Ace - pillared acrylic cases for RISC OS Raspberry Pi and PiSSDup
Pi-Llok Ace
The pillared acrylic case for the RISC OS Raspberry Pi and the PiSSD up
Custom Pi-Llok Ace As the standard Pi-Llok Ace with several custom options: A range of of over 50 colours and finishes, including matte acrylic Custom engraving to the top cover Other materials possible Custom cut-outs and push-outs
Optional Adaptor Kit Includes: Micro USB panel mounted cable for easier power connection Right angle HDMI adaptor HDMI through connector for easy front panel access Free postage when bought with Pi-Llok Ace Only avialable with a Pi-Llok Ace
Pi-Llok Ace
A Pi-Llok acrylic case fr the Raspberry Pi, and has push-outs for the PiSSDup mSATA adaptor. Contact to tell us your preferred colour!
Pi-Llok Ace with Adaptor Kit
A set of cables and adaptors to tidy up your Pi-Llok externals even more!
Find out what we can engrave on a Pi-Llok lid and choose from over 50 colours and a range of materials for your case!
Pi-Llok Ace Custom
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