A kit of bits, enabling you to mount and access a Raspberry Pi (or other development board) inside your PC! Kit includes: PCI bracket inc. 2x USB and HDMI cable PCI bracket with cable hole 3.5in carrier plate (for holding the Pi) 90 degree HDMI adaptor Internal USB header for PC 1x 6in MicroUSB cable You need to supply your own ethernet cable to connect your Pi to your network.

Cables and Adaptors

A selection of cables and adaptors that are useful to RISC OS and Acorn computer users, as well as Raspberry Pi and PC users. Some are ideal for combining RISC OS machines and PCs - the PiPCI kit!

PCI Bracket with 2x USB

A full height PCI bracket with 2x USB and a suitably sized eSATA port that can be removed and replaced with a panel mount HDMI cable.

Panel Mount HDMI cable

A short (30cm) cable to enable you to connect your internally-mounted Raspberry Pi to an external panel or PCI bracket. Will attach comfortably to a D-type cutout, as used on serial ports or VGA graphics cards Will also fit nicely on the eSATA port of the PCI Bracket with 2x USB ports.

15cm MicroUSB to USB

A short MicroUSB cable that can be used to power a Raspberry Pi  A, B, B+ or 2 from the internal USB header.
MicroUSB to USB Short RISCOS Acorn Cable

USB Internal Header

Add internal USB to your PC using the USB header on the motherboard. In conjucntion with a MicroUSB cable, use a blank USB header to provide power to an internally mounted Raspberry Pi A, A+, B, B+ or 2 - may not allow sufficient current for the Pi v3.
USB Header Plate to Internal USB A male ports Acorn RISCOS

90° HDMI adaptor

A simple male to female 90 degree HDMI adaptor to alter the alighnment of the HDMI port on the Pi to bring it to the same aspect as the USB and RJ45 sockets. Can be used in conjunction with other cables and monitors.
90 Degree HDMI adaptor Acorn RISCOS

Blank RJ45 PCI Bracket

A blank PCI bracket with a single hole that will allow an RJ45 and a MicroUSB cable inside the standard PCI. Can also accept a suitable RJ45 adaptor or extension cable (not supplied)
Raspberry Pi RJ45 RISC OS Bracket

USB Type A to Type A

Genuinely not sure what this could be used for, but I have a few for some reason! Could be used to backpower a Pi, I suppose? I guess it’s a bit like a ghost in a jar on eBay - something to waste a quid on! You could always splice it with other cables to make a custom job.
USB Type A to USB Type A

Pi Carrier Plate

A 3.5in to 2.5in drive bay adaptor that can be modified to carry and hold a Raspberry Pi in a standard 3.5in drive bay. Can also be used for its original intended purpose - to convert a 3.5in drive bay to hold a 2.5in (laptop) hard drive. Especially good for SSDs. May not be branded ADATA!
Raspberry Pi Carrier Place Acorn RISCOS Raspberry Pi Internal PCI RISC OS Kit Raspberry Pi RISC OS PCI USB HDMI Bracket Panel Mount HDMI Short Cable

RISC OS Select 1i9 CD

An early iteration of the Select Scheme, building on the original work done by Acorn and Pace £10

RISC OS Software

The following items consist of official, genuine software for Acorn and RISC OS machines. The software comes on floppy disk(s) unless specifically stated. Wherever possible, the main programme can be emailed to the buyer, so that the need for a floppy drive is reduced. It will not be emailed to email addresses other than those of the purchaser. Some software was protected with bizarre copy protection that may impact on usability. Bare this in mind when purchasing. Where items are unpriced, feel free to make a suitable offer.

RISC OS Select 2i3 CD

An early iteration of the Select Scheme, building on the original work done by Acorn and Pace £10

DrawWorks Millennium

A great add-on to Draw, providing a bundle of tools to enhance the functions. All supplied on CD, with bundled additional software.
RISC OS DrawWorks Millennium

RISC OS Select 3i4 CD

The version of Select that was later burned into ROM to become RISC OS Adjust as version (4.39) £10

New Millennium

An upgrade to DrawWorks New Millennium, this adds further tools to the basic version of Draw. Supplied on CD with bundled software.
RISC OS DrawWorks New Millennium

Acorn Programmer’s

Reference Manuals

Inital set of PRMs including volumes 1 to 4. Heavy item, so postage won’t be cheap.
Acorn RISC OS PRMs Programmers Reference Manuals

Acorn Programming


A set of three programming language books: Assembler Release 2, Desktop Development Environment, and ANSI C Release 4.
Acorn RISC OS Programming Books DDE, ANSI C, Assembler RISC OS Select 1i9 RISC OS Select 2i3 RISC OS Select 3i4


Boxed edition on Photodesk Version 1. Great 26bit photo editing software considered as a rival to Photoshop in its day.
RISC OS Photodesk Photo Editing


The Desktop Publishing de-facto standard for Acorn and RISC OS computers for many years. This is the boxed edition.
RISC OS Impression DTP


Add special effects to text, similar to WordArt, but with much nicer effects. Floppy disc supplied in CD case.
RISC OS Insignia Text Effects


ArtWorks Video Guide

Published by Pineapple Software, this is rare vieo guide to the original version of ArtWorks, circa 1995. Supplied on boxed VHS cassette.

First Steps With RISC OS


A guide to many of the new features introduced with RISC OS 6, and some of the old features of RISC OS. By Aaron Timbrell, David Bradforth and the late Dave Holden.
A collection of useful books if you want to program or use RISC OS to its full potential.
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras