Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
PiSSD up - the SSD upgrade for Raspberry Pi and PiPOD. PiSSD up is the essential add-on for your Raspberry Pi to turn it into a powerful RISC OS machine with plenty of fast, safer storage than the standard micro SD card. Even though it is connected to the Pi over USB, the performance of the PiSSD up makes it feel so much faster than that. PiSSD up is safer! PiSSD up allows RISC OS to access storage solutions that were intended for regular access. SD and micro SD cards were originally devised for storing files that were written by digital cameras, whereas mSATA drives were devised for use as a computer hard drive. Comprising of no moving parts, they are cooler than traditional hard drives, too, so the Pi won’t need additional cooling to keep it running smoothly. PiSSD up also enables the micro SD card to be used as a back up for those all-important files, for extra peace of mind. The process can even be automated using back up software, so that it can just work in the background, keeping your files safe and secure without user intervention. PiSSD up is bigger! PiSSD up can handle up to 256GB of mSATA storage (the current filecore limit), allowing for many thousands of RISC OS files to be safely held on a single drive attached to the Raspberry Pi. This overcomes the current issues where the Raspberry Pi begins to struggle with cards larger than 64GB, and even some of the 64GB ones don’t work effectively. PiSSD up offers the opportunity to increase the storage size available to RISC OS to levels that would have been unthinkable, even at the time of the RiscPC, for a mere fraction of the cost. Maybe it really is time to replace those ageing and expensive to maintain RISC OS machines from the last century with a fast, modern RISC OS machine for under £100! PiSSD up is integrated! PiSSD up fits securely to the Raspberry Pi, using the HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) principle as set down by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, without fouling the GPIO pins. This means it can be used with other add-ons, such as a Real Time Clock. In addition, it can also be integrated with and connected to the PiPOD, albeit in a slightly different way, to further enhance the ultimate Pi addition to the RiscPC and Archimedes range of Acorn computers. PiSSD up also works with other non-SATA RISC OS machines, such as the PandaBoard, Beagleboard Xm and IGEPv2 models, Whilst it obviously doesn’t attach mechanically to the hardware, it will connect electronically, offering enhanced storage solutions to SD card-based machines. And a bit of creativity, and maybe some Meccano, and anything is possible! PiSSD up is faster! PiSSD up offers access to storage at speeds faster than a RiscPC and allows the Raspberry Pi to hold more files than the current microSD card limit. In comparison with other mSATA options for modern RISC OS machines, PiSSD up outperforms the Lycom Pi-102, Element 14’s Pi Desktop and even our own PiSSD! Due to the technology used, PiSSD up is much faster, too, than USB memory sticks plugged into the Raspberry Pi’s standard ports. Many of these speed increase the feel of the performance of the Raspberry Pi in ways that aren’t indicated using traditional RISC OS benchmarking programs, which were devised for much older and slower systems*
pissdup - msata storage for risc os raspberry Pi
* Benchmarks are not particularly scientific. They were carried out with different Raspberry Pi 2B boards to avoid the possibility of damage to components.
A PiSSDup mSATA adaptor, complete with instructions for for fitting.
PiSSDup mSATA Adaptor and 16GB SD
A PiSSDup mSATA adaptor, complete with a 16GB RISC OS 5.28 SD card, pre-configured to boot from mSATA.
PiSSDup Adaptor, 16GB SD, and Case
A PiSSDup adaptor, with a 16GB RISC OS 5.28 SD card and a RISCOSbits exclusive acrylic case to make a super small desktop computer.
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PiSSDup mSATA Adaptor
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