Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras
Risc CE - the slice case for the Raspberry Pi In conjunction with Ident Computers, the Risc Compact Edition or 'CE' brings together the latest in 3D print technology and manufacturing techniques to bring an exciting new product to the RISC OS market, exclusively available through RISCOSbits. Using RiscCE, users can build open and flexible computing systems tailored to their needs and all in a compact desktop unit. Using custom brackets, the RiscCE can be stacked with extra slices to allow for expansion and co-processors - just like the much loved RiscPC! RiscCE kits are designed specifically for use with Raspberry Pi B+, Pi2B, Pi3B, Pi3B+ and possbily the Asus Tinkerboard and comprises all the 3D printed parts you’ll need to encase your beloved RISC OS single board computer. CE Slice RiscCE units can be built into custom systems, including the supply of a licensed RISC OS SD card, power supply, video lead, monitor, keyboard and mouse, and even a co-pro slice with an additional Raspberry Pi or Asus Tinkerboard running Linux. Extra slice add-ons are available for you to combine two Raspberry Pi machines in one case, and establish interoperability between them.
RiscCE and Wispy - WispyCE RiscCE - the slice case for RISC OS Raspberry Pi
Wispy CE - a custom dual-slice case for Raspberry Pi and Wispy! WispyCE is a custom two slice case to house your Raspberry Pi (B+ or later) and connect it to your Wispy to give you a RISC OS computer capable of connecting to wireless networks and running a modern browser in a window in RISC OS.
Sold under exclusive license from
Ident Computer - makers of RiscCE
A single slice case for a Raspberry Pi, as a foundation for your stacking system.
Use a Raspberry Pi and Wispy? Why not combine them into the one case with this striking dual slice offer?
Add an extra slice to your RiscCE machine, so that you can host a Linux co-processor and connect to it from RISC OS.
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